Musings on Life, Death & Loogies (This is Me, Making a Mockery of Literature).

Gregarious greetings to the enthused and unenthused alike,

This is me, making a mockery of literature.

You’re welcome!


Being & Nothingness (Death’s Gravity)

If all of life is but a dream, then birth is us waking up and death is us going back to sleep — the dreamless void, the nothing, that which we were (or more accurately, were not) before we were born. The nothingness is all consuming. It is the black hole wherein all humankind is inevitably sucked into. I like to illustrate the phenomena as, Death’s Gravity.


United by an Equal Fate

A chiseled name on a gravestone softens and dissolves slowly and gracefully under pressure of time and entropy. What a magnificent symbol of humankind being consumed by the sure Void! Along with ourselves, the memories of us held by the people whom knew us, and eventually even our own names and dates of birth and death — all shall fade like a dream. No thing is permanent, to include ourselves and our species. Think of all the fleeting billions before you whom have performed in this noble enterprise and tradition (Life & Death). Think of all whom you know presently, as well as every person you see on the street. We are united by an equal fate!

Row, row, row your boat.



If one acts for the future, one should always act for the betterment of others, since they themselves will not be there. Set your hopes not on personal immortality. The stars are closer to it, as they have shined for billions of years over the heads of our ancestors and before the formation of our planet, but even they explode and die. What is truly immortal is the energy which composes us all — yet it is unconscious, indifferent, omnipresent. For this is the only universal immortality that we may confide in. So confide!


The Christian Beggar

The Christian who commits good deeds only for fear that if he doesn’t he will be punished in the afterlife is a lowly form of creature indeed. I often observe the same behavior in Lilly, my family’s beloved pet dog. Lilly is a very well-behaved pup and quite obedient, but only so long as a treat is promised her in the near future. You see the allusion I’ve drawn here…

A fearful Christian is certainly no better than my begging dog. Their virtue is unvirtuous and their obedience smells of their own hellfire.


Appreciation for Spits & Shits

There is some value in a quality morning loogie or two. I hawk one out into the air with great relish. I look at my festering string of yellowish green phlegm there on the ground and say to myself, “Therein lies the useless sins of yesterday. Today we begin anew, nostrils open and able to breathe in the good morning air freely and without obstruction.”

Along the same lines of course is a quality dumping, often assisted by a few cups of black coffee. Upon completing excretion, I tend to look down and admire my work before flushing. I mean, just look at that thing! The sheer size and girth of that turd is incredible! If only it had teeth it could devour a newborn infant! I say, take pride in your work and appreciate your accomplishments — even so for the regular spits & shits of your dynamic being. Forgive my crudity, but let us not turn aside truth — even if it’s ugly!


To the Shifty Eyed

It is unbecoming of a man to be shifty eyed. Meet another’s gaze with kindness and confidence! I say this mostly to myself, as I have had trouble retaining direct eye contact in the past with friend, foe and passing stranger alike. Eyes are the windows to the soul, it is said. The question I pose to myself is this — just what is it I am trying to hide from my fellow man on the occasion that I do anxiously shift my gaze from theirs? The eyes have a tendency to tell all.

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