Reflections Between the Falling of the Leaves.

The glorious changing of the leaves during autumn can remind humans how to die with grace and beauty.

Reflections in between the falling of the leaves…from green to crimson red, sunrise orange, and banana yellow. The mother, robbed of its child leaves, is stripped of color, left barren, naked to the wind. The skies are overcast in grey. The solid Earth remains as milk, and rain like honey. I sit drunk in contemplation at the window, sipping a coffee.

Autumn is a changing of the guards. The approach of winter puts the grim reaper at ship’s helm. We have cultivated our lives all the yearlong, and now that we are to be shut inside our houses from the bitter cold, we must learn to live with our selves. We are to reap what we’ve sown.

The tradition of holidays and festivals during the winter months distracts us, otherwise instructing us to reap not so grimly.


A Memory

I remember holding a basketball in my hands. The basketball was the color of a faded orange, had thick black spider lines weaving around it. I decided to throw it as high into the sky as possible, wondering if I could bump the clouds. So I brought the ball down between my little knees and thrust it upward. It went about nineteen feet up, almost reaching the top of the power lines next to the garage. Not bad. I tried again, this time thrusting it up into the sky with all of my might.

I watched as the ball went up, up, up into the bright white clouds and disappeared from sight. I stood there gazing up at the brilliant blue sky and the passing clouds and wondered if my basketball were somehow floating up there. After awhile, I observed a faint dot in the sky. The dot gradually got bigger and bigger until THUMP! My ball was bouncing in front of me upon the gravel ground.

Never had I thrown a ball so high before, nor would I ever again.


An Alternative to Seriousness

Seriousness is yet another manifestation of absurdity; it is man’s attempt at ascribing a severe meaning to all that is otherwise meaningless.

One should attempt to achieve a state of being one may refer to as, “knowingly absurd” – the healthier, wiser alternative to seriousness.


Encouraging Educated Voting

It is morally irresponsible to encourage citizens to vote for any one political candidate without first providing a logical reason why. The highest, noblest act for a political activist or educator is to encourage individuals to think for themselves, analyze information objectively, dismiss preconceived dogmas, and to encourage voting with clear-sighted values. The support for any one particular candidate comes second to this primary responsibility.

We must not vote blindly, nor encourage others to vote blindly, even if those others are voting for our preferred candidate.

The ravenous pushing of a preferred candidate only serves a personal agenda, not a well-functioning democracy. A vote committed with ignorance is a vote of shame, an example of ill-functioning democracy. The responsible citizen interested in assisting in the health of the democratic republic must do his or her best to alleviate ignorance and apathy, encourage independent thought and support educated voting.

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