The Limits of Freedom (Is Freedom’s Limit).

Freedom does not exist without its limitations. For what, truly, is ever not limited?
All things in life possess inherent boundary-limitations. Some boundary-limitations are unbreakable, or uncrossable. For instance, an object of three dimensions cannot confine its actions to merely two, one, or four. A physical man cannot be non-physical and continue to be a man. A thing cannot be a no-thing and continue to be a thing. If a thing, person or phenomena exists, it is confined to the boundary-limitation of existing.
The freedom of all existent-forms stretches to this point. This is the break at the shore of liberty. If life is tide, death is shore, and liberation is shackled to its self.

Freedom/existence is limited because it is missing its fundamental half. One might say that one part of freedom composes all of human life, while the other part composes nothing, as that part is death, an absence of life, utter void.

Life and death, freedom and futility, are pieces of the existential puzzle. Except the former (life and freedom) are physically shaped pieces, while the latter (death and futility) is the empty space surrounding the pieces. The latter fits because it could fit anything, as it is no-thing.

Am I making sense? Am I crazy?

You are of course free to judge until the day you die.


The River As Analogy for An Unbreakable Boundary-limitation

One cannot ford the river of life.

Life fords the river that is you.

If you and life are identical,

and you and life ford the river,

then life, the river, fords itself.


Yet we know a river that fords itself

needs no fording and thus we are left

with only the river,

only life.

All of the universe appears as a singular,

immobile atom.

There is an illusion of movement,

yet all is perfectly still.

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