The Skinny Giant & The Morning Bird (My First Memory)

My father had purchased a new toy for me that day. I was amazed and enchanted by it. It was a Spider-man figurine which zoomed down a plastic web, connected between two points. He had set it up high upon the ceiling. To my astonishment, I could watch it zoom past me, its movement accompanied by a tiny whirring noise.

My father was a tall, skinny giant. He had powers clearly unfathomable to me. Like a God, he could touch the ceiling. Or the clouds, for that matter. My father told me it was bedtime, and after setting the toy to zoom by one final time, he sent me to bed.

I remember how very dark my room was. The only light to be found came from the white outline around the closed door. After laying there for some time, I heard something shut, then some footsteps, and finally the unmistakable sound of my mother’s voice. She and my father were talking about something, murmuring fuzzy words. I stood up in my crib, mattress wompy beneath my feet. Holding on to the bars and staring out at the white outline of the door, I was determined to escape and see my mother. It wasn’t so much a whim as a necessity.

The bars were rather close together, but I managed to squeeze my head between two of them, and then one arm, then the other, until I fell with a soft flop to the carpeted floor. I headed toward the light on all fours, then stood up, grabbed the knob and pulled back the door. The light flooded in upon me. It was bright and soft, encompassing me.

I was delighted by my mother’s kind voice, warm and clear. It sounded like the sweet tweetering of a morning bird. She was greeting me, saying hello.


What is your first childhood memory? Is it dramatic? Mundane? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “The Skinny Giant & The Morning Bird (My First Memory)

  1. That’s a pretty great first memory. I, too, like going back into the past and reliving past events. I actually just wrote a post about a few of my most nostalgic childhood memories. This is my fist memory: I was sleeping alone for the first time because my twin sister was sick so my parents decided to make her sleep somewhere where she would not infect me. I had a dream about very big worms crawling up the walls. I woke up and they were still there, now crawling on top of me. I couldn’t move so I screamed until my mother came and turned on the lights, that’s when the worms disappeared.


    1. What a frightening memory! What makes it interesting for me is that it could potentially be interpreted as a sympathetic reaction to your sister’s suffering, since worms are often symbols of sickness, or weakness. Perhaps. As always, thank you for reading and sharing, Kat!

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