Reflections on Contradiction, Freedom & the Unfamiliar.

I’ve noticed two very popular, very contradictory clichés which are often used within the same breath. One is, “Life is short!” and the other is often spoken in the midst of vague chat, for example:

“How are you today?”

“Good, but busy.”

“Well, busy is good, right? Makes the day go by faster!”

Well, which is it that they want? For life to be longer, or the day to go by faster? It seems we have not very clear-sighted ideas as to what we desire out of living…


Environment, genetics, imprisonment, etc. are not valid arguments against free-will. These are only limitations which provide us a scope for action. We are always free to choose within our scope of situation, time, and history. These are the conditions of liberty, the fine print at the bottom of the existential agreement. If one does not agree, one may choose the door…


We may refer to dying as an “ontological diffusion” into the void of nothingness, or a return to pre-birth. This is not so much a philosophical euphemism as much as it is a way of separating ourselves from common language. What is familiar often has a tendency to divorce itself from our emotional understanding, that is to say, “familiarity breeds indifference”. Thus we should strive for the unfamiliar in all things. We should strive for the difference.

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