Stephanie Rosella Rose: Poet, Artist, Free Spirit (THE ARTIST’S CORNER)

The following is a column originally written for the New Richmond News. The Artist’s Corner celebrates all things creativity and champions local artists. 

“They call me free spirit, as if all spirits are not free.”

Greetings, friend. Come sit down with us. Let me introduce you to Stephanie Rosella Rose, an artist, a poet, and an intriguing human being. Stephanie and I are enjoying a good breakfast, chatting about art, poetry, self-discovery, and feminine liberation. Listen, I know these topics may seem a bit strange, but they are only a step into another world. Stephanie invites us into that world with the succinct power of her words.

UNEARTHED: Lyrics From the Dirt is her upcoming debut book – a fine collection of 143 poems. As we sit in the simple diner booth, enjoying our omelets, our minds roam the vast flora and fauna of the inspired universe. We share our wild thoughts, returning again and again to the joy of our work — powerful writing. Here’s another of Stephanie’s shorter poems:

“Worship within walls, if you must.

But don’t you know, sacred one,

You are a walking temple.”

These poems are designed to awaken people to the larger reality of who we are and what we are capable of as inspired human beings. Which leads me ponder…is that not what poetry is all about? Stephanie is a poet in the finest tradition, with intentions good-natured and noble, but with a desire to provoke, to stir. She writes in a style that is all at once serious and playful. Not at all an easy balance to maintain, but she does it masterfully.

These poems are thoughtful, cleverly crafted and emotionally provocative. This is one author you are going to want to keep an eye on, folks. Who knows what other great work she’ll be sharing with us in the near future? In the meantime, UNEARTHED: Lyrics From the Dirt is available for preorder on Amazon (click here). This book will be available on Kindle and paperback as of July 12th, 2019.

Oh, and if you’re social media savvy, you’re going to want to follow this poet on Instagram (click here). You will discover dozens of her brilliant poems, for free. Read them. Think about them. Feel them. Then hit that “follow” button, and join the four thousand others whom are subscribed and reading her work. Here’s another of my favorites, one of many available on her Instagram:

“It’s subtle: the beauty when pain arises.

You are quick to credit the flower,

But have you thanked the dirt?”

For this column, I give my thanks to the soil of nebulous creativity, that strange, magical ability that is the hallmark of the artist. I also give thanks to inspiring poets like Stephanie Rosella Rose. Last, but certainly not least, I give thanks to you, loyal reader, for checking in on this week’s Artist’s Corner. We will now end with our creative quotation for the week. The great writer, Franz Kafka, had this to say about the power of words:

“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. That is my belief.”

Tylor J. Mintz

Alphabetically Challenged: Tyler With An O

My name tends to trip people up. I’m unsure if this is because people are semi-illiterate or if my name is truly so unconventional with its minuscule subtlety that people cannot seem to pronounce or write it down correctly.

Not that this is all so important. My ego isn’t inflamed by simple misspellings. These common mistakes only remind me that souls are more than their attributed human labels (names). I’ve always believed that the soul is by nature, nameless. Even the word ‘soul’ is a misgiving. Yet I digress. Getting back to the point of all this…

More often than not, people mistakenly refer to me as, Taylor. Technically, I ought to be addressed as Tylor (pronunciation: Tie-lore). Not only is my name pronounced incorrectly, but it’s often written to a great degree of error as well. 99 times out of a 100, my name is spelled as either Taylor or Tyler.

Want to know something slightly absurd and hilarious? Of course you do. My father went to get a tattoo of a bulldog on his left bicep. Beneath the bulldog it reads, ‘The Pups’, and beneath that reads the three first names of his three children. It reads, Taylor, Jack, and Rachel. It makes me wonder as to where my lost brother may be, and if I’ve ever met him.

In any case, I consistently pay for the sins of my parents, whom were apparently alphabetically challenged.

My books are ready for you to read and buy!

I am happy to announce that I have two 50 page booklets of my work ready for reading and sale! If you would like a copy of either, it is only $5 or buy them both for a bulk price of just $8! Love From Another Place is a collection of my best poetry. The Decadent Romantic is a collection of odd, philosophical musings and short stories/essays.  I did the fold-and-stapling myself. Payment may go through PayPal and my email is:    😃