Deranged Paintings

When I first began painting, I discovered not only an exciting new avenue of self-expression, but an alternative sense of humor I never knew I possessed. These paintings are absurd. Ridiculous. Nonsensical. Silly. Amateur. And sometimes scary.

I attach no great importance to these things. I just have fun and play with color. Painting is a remarkably cathartic art. My style is that of a horrified child whose only weapon against his vision of monsters is a brush armed with paint.


The Decline of the Western Diet - Tylor James

“The Decline of the Western Diet.”

Acrylic. Jan. 2020.


The Years Have Not Been Kind - Tylor James

“The Years Have Not Been Kind.”

Acrylic. Dec. 2019.


Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop - Tylor James

“Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop.”

Acrylic. Dec.  2019.


Decline of the Western Diet - Tylor James

“Decline of the Western Diet, Version 2”

Ink & colored pencil, 2020.


Three AM Again - Tylor James

“It’s 3AM Again!”

Acrylic. Dec 2019.


Faces Only A Mother Could Love - Tylor James

“Faces Only A Mother Could Love.”

Acrylic. Dec. 2019.


Doomed - Tylor James


Acrylic. Dec. 2019.


Bob - Tylor James


Acrylic. Dec. 2019.



“Give and Take”, acrylic on 16 x 20in canvas. November 2018.


The Writer (self-portrait). Acrylic. November, 2018.

Pickled Amoeba, August 2018.







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