Tylor James lives in the American Midwest. He writes one short story every week, a practice which brings him joy and keeps him (mostly) sane. He’s been a dreamer and writer of dark things from an early age, having grown up in a century-old haunted farmhouse, and having always had an intrigue with old horror films. Each day he keeps his head up and his heart open in search of new ideas — like a ravenous monster, he is perpetually hungry for them.
Tylor is twenty-six years old and a proud member of the Horror Writers Association. His debut book of twenty-two short stories, Daydreams of the Damned: Tales of Horror & Oddity, is available for purchase in paperback/kindle on Amazon. You may discover some of his other stories, poems, and essays in anthologies such as: ACCURSED: A Horror AnthologyEmerging American Horror Writers: Midwest Region, and Willow River Writers Anthology. In addition, his short story, Hallowe’en, 1933, was a finalist for the Halloween Writing Competition 2019 hosted by The Furious Gazelle, a literary magazine.
When not writing, you may find Tylor spending time with his beloved fiance and daughter, reading a good book, performing in local dive-bars as a singer-songwriter, stargazing, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and/or taking midnight strolls past the graveyard (however, he never whistles).




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