Tylor James lives in Sweet Hollow, Wisconsin. He’s been a dreamer of dark and fantastic things from an early age, having grown up in a ramshackle, century-old farmhouse and having always possessed an intrigue with classic horror films. Each day he keeps his head up and his heart open in search of new ideas — like a ravenous monster, he is perpetually hungry for them.
Tylor is twenty-eight years old and a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA). His excellent new collection of short stories, BENEATH THE JACK O’ LANTERN SKY: TALES OF SWEET HOLLOW is available for purchase at Weird House Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.
He has weird tales published in Weird House Magazine, Cosmic Horror Monthly, Strange Horizons, Hypnos Magazine, The Literary Hatchet, The Other Stories Podcast, and other several anthologies. He has several new books on the way, but for now the following titles are available:
Beneath the Jack O’ lantern Sky: Tales of Sweet Hollow
Matters Most Macabre
Gator House (A Novelette)
Daydreams of the Damned
When not writing, you may find Tylor spending time with his beloved fiancé and daughter, stargazing, visiting Other Skies Weird Fiction in St. Paul, MN, and/or taking midnight strolls through the graveyard.



Whether you’re a reader of my work, an editor or agent searching for a good story or book to publish, or if merely interested in following me into the twisted domain of my literary universe, please investigate the following sites:

Twitter: @creaturekillswe

Instagram: @tylorthewriter

My YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE3szqSMck3ER4EWg63D8pw?view_as=subscriber

And/or e-mail me:


Thank you for your inquiries!


Now, for the entirely scrupulous, or insatiably curious, here is an up-to-date bibliography of my Works.



Beneath the Jack-O-Lantern Sky: Tales of Sweet Hollow (October 2022, via Weird House Press)

Gator House (a novelette) independently published in October 2021.

Matters Most Macabre, independently published in April 2021.

Daydreams of the Damned: Tales of Horror & Oddity, independently published in May 2020.


“The Thing Beneath the Dock”, published in TRAPPED: A DARK DOZEN ANTHOLOGY, in Nov. 2022.

“Billy’s First Haircut”, published in a forthcoming Cosmic Horror Monthly, JUNE 2022.

“Out Beneath the Jack O’ Lantern Sky”, published in Madame Grey’s Vault of Gore (anthology) from Hellbound Books, Inc., in October of 2021.

“The Sick Man”, published by HauntedMTL (online magazine) in August of 2021.

“If Fish Could Scream”, published in The Periodical, Forlorn, in April of 2021.

“Mosquito Summer” and “Old Dance Hall”, published in WEIRDSMITH: Number One, January of 2021.

“A Skeleton Reads Shakespeare”, published by The Other Stories Podcast in November of 2020 (Youtube link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fja9JZklAZI)

“Godly Business” published in Penumbric Speculative Fiction, in August of 2020.

“Box of Chocolates” published in The Literary Hatchet (issue #27) in September of 2020.

“The Drip” published in HYPNOS Magazine (Vo. 9, Issue 2) in October of 2020.

“Independence Day in Holebrim, Texas” published in Scare Me (anthology) from Esskaye Books, January of 2020.

“The Typewriter” published in ACCURSED (anthology) from Jolly Horror Press in December 2019.

“Welcome Home” published in America’s emerging Horror Writers: Midwest Region by Z Publishing House in Fall of 2019.


“The Tower”, published in Weird House Magazine, Issue #2, March 2023.

“I Grew Up in a Haunted House” published in Strange Horizons, autumn 2022.

“We Are Gone”, “Amery, City of Lakes”, and “Love From Another Place” published in Willow River Writers Anthology, 2018.


“On the Origins of Hallowe’en” & “The Jack O’ Lantern Prayer” published by House of Stitched, Halloween issue, November 2022.

“Duane Jones & the Revolution” published by Uncomfortably Dark (website) in February 2022.

“If You’re an Artist, Life Will Make you Sick!”, published Wisconsin’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction, by Z Publishing House in 2018.

Several “Artist’s Corner” columns in the New Richmond Newspaper from 2017-2018.