An alien-green light gleaming from behind a door that shouldn’t exist.

A world of sudden desperation — all its stories have vaporized overnight, gone from the shelves of libraries, from the internet, from the human mind itself.

A Fourth of July in Holebrim, Texas, so explosively grotesque, you’ll never forget it.

A city of werewolves hell-bent on taking over the world.

A business man discovers God has committed suicide, and decides to make profit from the magical properties of His sacred body.

A practical joker whose jokes grow sharp teeth, and turn on him.

An accursed typewriter named Lovely Lila fulfills the wildest dreams of any would-be writer . . . but at what cost?

Matters Most Macabre is a collection of thirteen spine-tingling tales from the maniacal mind of Tylor James. These stories will amuse, disturb, provoke thought, and just plain weird you out!

“What do you get when you mix a brilliant imagination, richly descriptive prose and a surprisingly subversive wit? A thirteen story collection from the twisted mind of author Tylor James that proves deeply entertaining even as it sends shudders down the spine.”

Duane Ullery, author of ‘Highway 181’
and “Beyond Where the Sky Ends”

“Tylor James wields a flowing pen that makes his stories impossible not to devour. I loved the variety of the tales, the differing voices James channeled and the uniqueness to his imagination. “

Hunter Shea, author of seventeen books,
including ‘The Jersey Devil’ and
‘We Are Always Watching’.

This was so well-done and each story so finely crafted that I am giving this five stars. Go get a copy today, it’s worth reading several times over.

Candace Nola, author of ‘Breach’ and ‘Beyond the Breach,
reviewer for ‘Uncomfortably Dark’.

Email Contact for Tylor James (for all inquiring interviewers/fans/agents/publishers).


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