Conversations With Myself About ‘Nothing’.

The Following Musings Are A Whole Lot About Nuthin’

As soon as we begin to ponder Nothing, it becomes a something; a singular word, an image of empty space or blackness, etc. The only proper way to grasp Nothing, or non-being, is to die. It is only when we die that we will truly know nothing.


Conversations with Myself

I am sitting alone in my trusty armchair, hosting a strange conversation within the comfortable confines of my cranium with one of my peers from back in my school days. It goes a little something like this.

“So, what’s your favorite subject?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

“How can you not have a favorite subject?”

“I do and I don’t. Nothing is my favorite subject.”

“Hmph! Well, you must be interested in something,” she asserted.

“Well, now that we’ve brought it into conversation, it is a something. Nothing is now a mental construct. I suppose that is something…”

“You’re making very little sense!”

“Excellent! Nothing shouldn’t have to make sense anyway, as it is by definition, senseless.”


The man is lying on the pavement with blood coming out of his mouth and he’s fading fast. The paramedics put him on the stretcher and begin wheeling him into the ambulance. A few of his loved ones are there and are desperately clutching onto their crucifix necklaces. “Stay away from the light! Come back to us!” they scream down at him.

The man, semi-conscious and drifting into the black hears their demands from somewhere far off and thinks to himself, “What light? I see nothing but Void. I can feel my consciousness dissipating into nothing. And how can I come back when I’m going nowhere? There isn’t even a foothold in the Nothing to return by! Not to mention, my voice is only your imagination talking at you. I am nothing. I am. I…”

The man is thus liberated from existence and the crucifix clutchers are demanding immediate resurrections and other Godly miracles. Such is Life.


A Semi-accurate Picture of Nothing     ———–>>   



Back in my armchair. Hot cup of coffee by my side. My mind begins to wander. I create a character out of less than thin air, out of nothing.

“If the universe is expanding, I want to know what it is expanding into.” says my Character.

“Can’t be known,” I say. “It’s not expanding into anything.”

“Which means it’s expanding into nothing?”

“Yes,” I reply.

“How can a thing expand into a no-thing?” my Character persists.

“It doesn’t, because by definition, noting doesn’t exist.”

“The universe is just expanding for the sake of expanding then. There’s nothing on the outside for it to expand into, and so there is no ‘into’ and there is no ‘nothing'”.

“Precisely right!” I say.

“That really boggles my mind, man.”

“Try not to get so hung up on it. It’s no thing really.”

My character dissipates back into the void of my imagination. I take a sip of the hot black coffee and feel its warmth in my throat and belly. I fall asleep for awhile and when I awake I think to myself, “Sleep is like a temporary death.”

Life is good.



2 thoughts on “Conversations With Myself About ‘Nothing’.

  1. I’m amazed you’re not recognized as a philosopher my man. Good stuff. I like dabbling in the mental construct that is nothing, it’s almost like a fun little tongue twister but for the brain. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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