Zombies (A Poem)


These people

Soak themselves in amnesia.

Their brains swathed with dreamy cotton

from cradle to grave.

These people

are as dead as light switches.


They are as dead as door knobs,

Yellow highlighters,

Butane lighters,

Soft pillows &

Garbage bags.


All the corpses masquerade as the living

while the corporate clowns smile

with big, shiny trademarked teeth.

Behind each Colgate commercial –

Behind each plasticine mask –

A wriggling face is decomposing in worms.


Their each act is a senseless trapeze.

Their each moment a continued suicide.

Never once do they breathe

That holy, eternal breath of life,

Never once do they engulf themselves

in a flicker of freedom’s flame.


What a shame!

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