It’s Book Release Day for “BENEATH THE JACK O’ LANTERN SKY”

Fellow Friends of the Macabre,

I’m happy to say my latest collection of thirteen tales, Beneath the Jack O’ Lantern Sky: Tales of Sweet Hollow, is available in ebook and paperback as of today!

This is a damn fine book. I’m very glad to have written it, and even more proud that Weird House Press has published it. I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy:

You’ve just entered Sweet Hollow, where everyone has a horror tale to tell…

Strange are the secrets harbored in Sweet Hollow … A Midwest town luminous with legends, morbid with monsters, and crazed with killers. Its hills and houses are haunted, its graveyard gales are billowed by bats, its citizens creeped upon by cemetery skeletons. Encompassing all—a hallowed, Jack O’ Lantern sky serves as the backdrop for the terrifying tales within this harrowing horror-collection.

In the town of Sweet Hollow, one must prepare themselves to encounter:

  • A Cult of Immortals Eager for Human Sacrifice.
  • A Haunted “Manor” That Is Not What It Appears.
  • A Fisherman Reincarnated into His Prized Catch.
  • Giant Mosquitos!
  • The Formative Years of a Serial Killer.
  • An Old Dance Hall Waltzing with Corpses.
  • A Haunted House Mystery Bank (Coin-Operated).

And that’s only a few of the curiosities one may discover in the shops, streets, houses, and cemeteries of Sweet Hollow. If you long for a scare, then open your mind, and prepare yourself for a dark descent into madness and horror.

An old fantastic stone castle with a church in the sunset orange light of the sun. There are thick clouds in the sky, and sparks are flying. in the foreground is a frozen, icy, snow-covered lake. Cover art by Cyrus Wraith Walker.

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