The Spirit of a Chameleon (A Musing on Change)

As it happens, we human beings often define ourselves through some perceived pivotal or vital experience from out of the foggy trenches of our past. We can become frozen, stuck in time as it were, and as a result become very discontented and unaccepting of the present. The old definition of ourselves (which tend to form the whole of our identity & purpose) are askew from the present conditions. We are like a crooked painting on a wall that is crumbling with the passage of time and procession of entropy.

Our honorable goal is to define ourselves regardless of our past and in such a way as to rise above the conditions of any circumstance which existence throws upon us. We must be at home with change and transition, and fear not the natural, corresponding changes and transitions of our personality, behavior and ultimate self-definition.

Let’s think of it this way: Our souls find their spirit with the chameleons. We are adaptable and flexible with our ever-changing environments — so long as we incorporate the color and hue of the present moment, the eternal now that is the entirety of our life. In order to accomplish this, we must first be willing to throw off the psychologic shackles of our past definition.

True, all human identity has its rightful heritage, but to allow that heritage (or, experience) to grow so obtuse as to prevent maturation of the Self, would be very foolish indeed!

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